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Adopt Valentino

Our partner BOS Foundation took in a fragile little infant orangutan on Valentine’s day, 2015 at the Nyaru Menteng rehabilitation centre. The infant orangutan was saved by a truck driver, who found it all alone and hungry on a river bank, near a rubber plantation in the central part of Borneo.

A fragile orangutan

The infant orangutan was unusually small, and the medical team stated that he only weighed 2.2 kilos at arrival, despite being 5 months old. We don’t know what happened to him before his arrival, but he had several bruises on his body. If he had arrived any day later at Nyaru Menteng, he might not have survived.

Love has worked miracles

A small infant orangutan needs lots of love and care from its mother and this fragile little orangutan received plenty of love from the staff at Nyaru Menteng. He was given the name Valentino because of his arrival date. However, he has turned out to be too cheeky to live up to his name of love. Today, Valentino is a little rascal always looking for some fun while at Forest School. He is a quick-growing and intelligent orangutan who will definitely be able to return to Borneo's rainforest after his rehabilitation. 

Arrival at center: 14th Febuary 2015

Age upon arrival: 5-6 months

Watch this video with Valentino from 2018


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