Orangutan Caring Week 2021

The orangutan is critically endangered. Deforestation, hunting and illegal wildlife trade are the main reasons for this. But together we can make a change, among other things by spreading the message and raising awareness about the tragic fate of these iconic animals.

This is what we want to do this Orangutan Caring Week, which is annually celebrated in November to raise awareness about the orangutans and the threats they are facing.

Below you can to download an Orangutan Caring Week card and spread the word to followers, friends and family on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or send to your close ones by mail.

You can also download an exciting activity poster for children. A wonderful way to discuss and learn more about life in the rainforest of Borneo.

Download an Orangutan Caring Card here:

Raise awareness about the rainforest - the home of the orangutan

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Once upon a time, the orangutans had lots of trees. But their habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate. It threatens the climate on a global scale. It threatens biodiversity. And it threatens the local communities.

Together we can make a change: 



Raise awareness about the situation for the orangutans

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A baby orangutan is dependent on its mother until it is 7-8 years old and has learned all the necessary skills to survive on its own in the rainforest. Unfortunately, far too many babies lose their mothers before they can fend for themselves. This is due to deforestation, forest fires, hunting and the illegal wildlife trade.

They need our help to be able to return home to the rainforest:

Have a chat with your children or grandchildren about the orangutans

Download a free kids activity poster, ready to be printed! A cosy activity together with the young ones while also learning more about the orangutan, rainforest and all the other animals. 

Klick on the button below to download the kids activity poster for free. You'll also find some information for children about the orangutan, the rainforest and some of the other endagered species of the rainforest. 

Download the Kids Activity Poster:



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