Replanting the Borneo Rainforest

There was one.. There were two.. There were trees! 

Once, the orangutans had lots of trees. But their habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate. It threatens the climate on a global scale. It threatens biodiversity. And it threatens the local communities.

Deforestation is the biggest threat to the survival of the orangutan. In the last four decades, 80% of orangutan habitat has disappeared. But what was once destroyed can still be restored.

That is why we are working to restore areas of peat land forest in Borneo, which is the orangutan's preferred habitat. By replanting and monitoring these previously destroyed areas, new forest can start to grow and become a home for the orangutans in the future.

So far, we have replanted 200 hectares of rainforest in the Mawas area of Borneo. The goal is to replant 1,000 hectares!

The journey to 1 000 hectares:


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By participating in replanting the rainforest in Borneo with us, you are contributing to:

• Protecting more than 2,500 wild orangutans by securing their habitat.

• Reducing CO2 emissions to help prevent global warming - among other things by blocking drainage canals to restore water levels in the peat swamps and thereby also reducing the risk of forest fires.

• Contributing to sustainable livelihoods for local communities through their work with collecting seeds, establishing small nurseries in their villages and taking care of the seedlings until they are ready to be replanted and monitored.


Restoring degraded rainforest is crucial to the survival of the orangutan.

Restoring degraded rainforest is crucial for the survival of the orangutan. That is why we, together with our local partners, work to replant trees in Borneo. One, two and many more will turn into new rainforest.

Mawas is a peatland forest area located in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. It is an area twice the size of London. The area is home to more than 2,500 wild orangutans - one of the world's largest populations.

But more than 30% of the forest in Mawas has been destroyed. Therefore, we work to replant trees in the area together with our local partners and with the local communities.

We have already replanted 200 hectares in the Mawas area. The goal is to replant as much as 1,000 hectares! In the humid, tropical climate of Borneo the trees grow tall and eventually turn into new lush rainforest.


The film above provides insight into the situation in and around the peat land forests of Mawas, where Save the Orangutan together with partners work to restore forest areas. The film also presents the different focus areas needed to save the orangutan's habitat.


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