The Post-Release monitoring team were lucky to spot three orangutan mothers with their infants reunited in the Kehje Sewen Forest in April. All of the orangutans seemed to be doing well.

Orangutans live semi-solitary lives. This means that they spend most of the time alone – if they do not have children. Sometimes, however, you can be lucky enough to spot a small group of orangutans temporarily socialising.

This occurred when the Post-Release monitoring team were out in the Kehje Sewen Forest in April. Not far from their camp site, the team discovered three mothers and their children perched in a fig tree, spending time together.

The mother-infant pairs Lesan-Ayu, Sayang-Padma, and Teresa-Berani were last seen together in early 2020.

Three Orangutan Mothers Reunited
The orangutans met up in the trees close to camp (BOS Foundation)

The mothers have all gone through rehabilitation and were released in 2012, 2013, and 2015. That is why the Post-Release monitoring team keeps an eye on them, making sure that they are doing well out in the rainforest.

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Enjoying each others’ company

Lesan and Ayu were spotted first, enjoying themselves in the same fig tree, but on separate branches. Below them were Sayang and Padma, with Teresa and Berani, relaxing on nearby branches of the same tree. Shortly thereafter, Sayang and Padma moved towards a June plum tree, followed by Ayu, with Lesan watching from behind. Sayang and Padma quickly started devouring June plum leaves. Ayu approached the pair, appearing very interested in their activity.

Three Orangutan Mothers Reunited
Sayang and Padma (BOS Foundation)

Ayu enjoyed playing with Padma and repeatedly tried to get closer to her, but Padma stayed close to her mother Sayang, never leaving her arms. Sayang was seen showing Ayu how to brachiate and sharing food with her.

As Ayu interacted with Sayang and Padma, Lesan turned her attention to Teresa and started grooming her.

Three Orangutan Mothers Reunited
Lesan and Theresa grooming each other (BOS Foundation)

The group eventually dispersed, with Sayang and Padma moving away toward the forest behind the camp, as Lesan, Ayu, Teresa, and Berani headed for the riverbank.

Three Orangutan Mothers Reunited
Theresa and Berani (BOS Foundation)