Save the Orangutan and the UK organisation OVAID (Orangutan Veterinary AID) have raised funds and ensured a new X-ray machine for the veterinary clinic at BOS Foundation’s Nyaru Menteng rehabilitation centre.

The X-ray machine will help the veterinarians at Nyaru Menteng diagnose injured orangutans quicker and more precisely.

Technicians and veterinarians receiving instructions in the new X-ray machine.

New equipment installed and in use

The new machine arrived at the veterinary clinic at Nyaru Menteng in October. The staff would like to express their gratitude. They will now be able to do their work much quicker and more precise, which benefits the orangutans greatly.

The X-ray is an examination method which makes use of soft electromagnetic radiation to radiograph the internal composition of the body. The support for Nyaru Menteng also included training and instruction in the use of the new machine. The AGFA DX-D40 machine can now be put to use.

Thank you for the support. OVAID and Save the Orangutan with the staff from BOS at Nyaru Menteng. A special thanks to major donor Michael Wiggs.

A welcome help to the clinic

The clinic at Nyaru Menteng, consisting of both veterinarians and medical administrative staff, performs more than 150 X-ray procedures a year. The new equipment makes digital scans and brings down the examination time, and it is safer to use than the existing equipment.

The X-ray machine is now ready to be put to use in post-rescue veterinary examinations, treatments, and scanning before the newly arrived orangutans commence their rehabilitation processes. X-rays are also taken in thorough health checks before reintroductions to the wild.

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