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Sustainable palm oil without deforestation!

RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) is a worldwide multi-stakeholder initiative focusing on certification and promotion of sustainably produced palm oil. In November of 2018, an RSPO conference (RT16) was held in Sabah, Malaysia. Save the Orangutan participated in the conference to actively promote increased protection of the critically endangered […]

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Visiting Borneo

Save the Orangutan visited the Nyaru Menteng rehabilitation centre in Borneo in connection with our annual meeting with our Indonesian partner BOS Foundation and our international BOS-partners. At Nyaru Menteng, our supporters’ donations help make a difference for the 385 orphaned and displaced orangutans in their care. We attended this […]

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X-ray machine purchased and in use at Nyaru Menteng

Save the Orangutan and the UK organisation OVAID (Orangutan Veterinary AID) have raised funds and ensured a new X-ray machine for the veterinary clinic at BOS Foundation’s Nyaru Menteng rehabilitation centre. The X-ray machine will help the veterinarians at Nyaru Menteng diagnose injured orangutans quicker and more precisely. New equipment […]

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New sanctuary for un-releasable orangutans

Today, the first steps were taken towards establishing new and permanent sanctuaries for the orangutans at Nyaru Menteng that cannot be released. The aim of rehabilitating orangutans is to reintroduce them to the rainforest. However, some of the orangutans at the rehabilitation centres will never be able to be released. […]

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Sifa: Life of a released orangutan

6 years ago, Sifa was one of the first orangutans to be released into Bukit Batikap Protection Forest by BOS Foundation. As is the case with all releases, the orangutans are monitored closely after their release and their release site has been carefully selected. Naturally, the orangutans can move around […]

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