Independent Justin

Stories from the Rainforest: Independent Justin

Earlier this year, the Post-Release Monitoring (PRM) team on the release site in the Kehje Sewen Forest spotted male orangutan Justin during an orangutan patrol. And Justin made one thing clear: He did not want to be followed! On all release sites the Post-Release Monitoring team observe the rehabilitated orangutans […]

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replant the rainforest

Save the Orangutan wants to replant the rainforest with new campaign

Restoring degraded rainforest is crucial for the survival of the orangutan. With the new #plant_1_2_trees campaign, Save the Orangutan wants to replant as much as 1,000 hectares of degraded rainforest. Deforestation is the biggest threat to the survival of the orangutan. In the last four decades, 80% of orangutan habitat […]

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New baby orangutan spotted

A surprise for the monitoring team: New baby orangutan spotted in the rainforest!

In late 2020, the Post-Release Monitoring team in the Bukit Batikap Protection Forest made an important discovery: female orangutan Inung, released eight years prior, had become a mother! Late last year, the Post-Release Monitoring team in the Bukit Batikap Protection Forest embarked on their usual patrol to monitor orangutans, expecting […]

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survival skills

10 important survival skills orangutans need to learn

For orangutans to be able to survive in the wild it is necessary to learn a special set of survival skills. The babies learn these skills from their mother – or, if they are in Forest School, from the caretakers. Climbing, nest building and finding the right kind of food. […]

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The first known case of COVID-19 among great apes

The first known case of COVID-19 among great apes confirmed

On Monday it was confirmed that up to eight gorillas at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park have contracted the coronavirus. Save the Orangutan is following the development closely. Ever since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, experts and NGO’s have expressed concern about the risk of the corona virus […]

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UN report: None of the biodiversity targets are met

The UN has published the fifth report of the overview of the state of nature worldwide. The report shows that many species are still facing unparalleled extinction rates and that none of the international biodiversity targets, the Aichi biodiversity targets, have been met. In 2010, 20 objectives to safeguard ecosystems […]

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A race against time

A race against time: Saving the Rungan forest

In the Rungan Forest, Save the Orangutan and Borneo Nature Foundation are working to develop the local community and help indigenous peoples obtain the rights to manage the forest. This is done in a race against an industrial development that is clearing the rainforest in a fast pace. The first […]

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camera traps

Camera traps give rare glimpse of life in the wild

Some of the early images from a new research project give an unique insight into life in the rainforest. The hope is that the data will provide new knowledge about orangutans and how they cope with life in the wild after being released. A pilot study is looking into how […]

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Here are our efforts against COVID-19

Save the Orangutan, together with our Indonesian partner BOS Foundation, has launched two new initiatives to stop the spread of COVID-19. One effort will keep the infection away from the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre, another will protect the wild orangutans and indigenous peoples of the rainforest. In Denmark, society is […]

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