The 24-year-old Bonbon was rescued and brought to the Nyaru Menteng rehabilitation centre almost 17 years ago. He cannot return to the rainforest due to a bad back. Instead, he can now look forward to a life in new and freer surroundings.

Bonbon was 6 years old when he arrived at Nyaru Menteng in the summer of 2002 after he was rescued in Bogor on Java.

As is our goal for all orangutans at the rehabilitation centre, our mission was to reintroduce Bonbon to the rainforest one day. However, a reintroduction to the wild requires the acquisition and development of natural skills, ensuring the survivability of an orangutan in the wild. Unfortunately, Bonbon has not been able to acquire these skills due to back issues. Even though he cannot be released on the same terms as other rehabilitated orangutans, he can now look forward to new and more spacious surroundings.

Life on the green island

The now 24-year-old large male thus awaits his move to a rainforest island, where he will be granted his freedom and have a good orangutan life in protected surroundings.

We are focusing our efforts to give the adult orangutans in poor physical condition, which hinders their survival in the rainforest, a life outside their cages at Nyaru Menteng. However, it is a costly affair that requires massive support and all help is greatly appreciated.

Rungan river
Credit: BNF / Björn Vaughn