Six new islands which will regrant up to 12 adult orangutans their freedom in natural surroundings. That is the plan for a new area of land, to which access rights have been obtained with support from Save the Orangutan.

17.5 hectares. That is the size of the land BOS Foundation has obtained access rights to with financial support from Save the Orangutan.

The construction of six smaller island sanctuaries is now on the drawing board. These islands will be home to some of those un-releasable adult orangutans we are currently focusing our efforts on freeing from their cages at Nyaru Menteng.

The idea is that one couple (one female and one male orangutan) will inhabit one island. 12 adult orangutans can therefore look forward to a new and much more worthy life. We also hope to reintroduce some of them to the rainforest one day so they can live as wild orangutans.

Additionally, feeding platforms will be set up on the protected islands to ensure appropriate food supply for the orangutans until the vegetation has grown sufficiently.

Freedom and logistic advantages

The new land is close to the Nyaru Menteng rehabilitation centre. The trip the orangutans have to take from the centre to the sanctuaries is therefore neither long nor challenging. In fact, the new land is actually in extension of the facilities for the large male orangutans.

One of the most difficult tasks in orangutan rehabilitation is to move a fully-grown orangutan. It is thus a relief that these 12 orangutans do not have to be moved very far. The new islands are basically in the backyard of the centre.

Moreover, with the obtainment of rights to the 17 hectares of land, we prevent that anyone else uses the land and thus disturbs the orangutans and the important daily work at Nyaru Menteng.


Cover photo: BPI