Give orphaned orangutans a second chance

Adopt an orangutan today and support the work in Borneo

  • to save orphaned and distressed orangutans, who are, among other things, kept illegally as pets or who are rescued from life-threatening situations as a result of forest fires or clearing of their habitats.
  • via the rehabilitation program to give the orangutans care and nurturing and training so that one day can be released in protected rainforest and live a life in freedom.

Since 2012, more than 500 orangutans have been reintroduced into the rainforest after rehabilitation thanks to the adoption programme. But BOS Foundation unfortunately still receives many orphaned and distressed orangutans who also need help. Below you can read about the orangutans in our adoption program. You will receive continuous news and videos about the orangutan you choose to adopt, so you can follow his or her journey back to the rainforest.

For GBP 10 per month, you can support the work of rescuing, rehabilitating and reintroducing orphaned orangutans and securing rainforests to which they can return.