The drone is now in use in Mawas

Save the Orangutan has been able to contribute to the purchase and transport of a drone to the Mawas area in Borneo, Central Kalimantan, as well as to ensuring training in using it for patrolling purposes, thanks to a fundraising campaign with this specific aim, launched before summer. The monitoring […]

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National parks are not necessarily protected

A recent report from one of the world’s largest national parks in terms of wild orangutan populations, Sebangau National Park in Central Kalimantan, uncovers an alarming occurrence of illegal activities within the park. Unfortunately, this is a realistic representation of the challenges national parks in Borneo generally face when it […]

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Mid-year status: 32 orangutans released

32 orangutans were reintroduced to the Bornean rainforest between January 2018 and July 2018. This brings the total number of released orangutans to 358 since 2012, when BOS Foundation launched their new and improved programme of reintroducing orangutans to the wild with the help from Save the Orangutan and other […]

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New orangutan-playground has been opened

A new playground for the youngest orangutans at the rehabilitation centre Nyaru Menteng, Central Kalimantan, was opened in August of 2018. The playground is an extension to the Baby School, and it will be used on days when the orangutans cannot play in the forest, for one or the other […]

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When a released orangutan falls ill

Monitoring teams observe released orangutans’ behaviour, adaptation to their new surroundings, and health closely in all of BOS Foundation’s release sites. The monitoring team in Bukit Batikap was on a routine patrol when they found Karen, who clearly did not feel well. Following their release, the orangutans face several new […]

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More than 100,000 orangutans killed within 16 years

A focused and joint effort is necessary to prevent the extinction of the Bornean orangutan within our lifetime. This is the conclusion to a new study proving that more than 100,000 orangutans in Borneo have been killed since 1999. The study places an additional emphasis on an alarming rate of […]

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