When a resident of Pangkoh village in Pulang Pisau district handed over Monita  to the local authorities, she was just three months old.

According to the villager, he had found her alone in a patch of forest near an oil palm plantation and decided to take her home. Monita lived with him and his family for several days, where she was bathed and dressed as if she were a human baby.

There is hope for Monita's future

Today, Monita attends Nyaru Menteng's forest school. She is getting better and better at climbing and is especially happy to play in the baskets and hammocks - preferably with her friend Baun. Here you can see a video with Monita, just after arriving at Nyaru Menteng:

You can help Monita make the final stretch back to the life she deserves as a wild orangutan in protected rainforest, by adopting her.


Gender: female
Centre: Nyaru Menteng
Arrival: 9. juni 2018
Age on arrival: 3 mdr.

What do you get when you adopt Monita?

When you adopt Monita, you immediately get an adoption certificate for her by email.

In addition, we will send you ongoing updates on Monita's life and development so that you can follow her life at Nyaru Menteng. You will get an insight into the stages she has to go through to get ready to live in the rainforest on her own one day. You will hear about how she thrives and develops and the everyday honors and successes.

You will also receive a newsletter where you can read about our work in Borneo and its results. We also share the latest knowledge about the orangutans and their habitats.

What does your support go towards when you adopt?

All the orangutans at the centers. Your adoption is symbolic, which means that you are not only helping Monita, but also all the other orangutans at the rehabilitation centers in Borneo.

Rescue of orphaned orangutans. You contribute to the work in Borneo to rescue, rehabilitate and reintroduce orphaned orangutans and secure rainforests for them to return to.

Prevention through information. You contribute to the awareness work to protect the critically endangered orangutan and its last habitats and the work to eliminate the threats to the orangutan.

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