10 orangutans have been released

Last week, two orangutan releases were carried out two days apart. Seven rehabilitated orangutans from the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre were reintroduced to the rainforest. A few days later, three more orangutans, this time from Samboja Lestari, were released. These are the first orangutan releases since the global pandemic hit […]

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New baby orangutan spotted

A surprise for the monitoring team: New baby orangutan spotted in the rainforest!

In late 2020, the Post-Release Monitoring team in the Bukit Batikap Protection Forest made an important discovery: female orangutan Inung, released eight years prior, had become a mother! Late last year, the Post-Release Monitoring team in the Bukit Batikap Protection Forest embarked on their usual patrol to monitor orangutans, expecting […]

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Dilla is ready for life on sanctuary island

After a rough start at life Dilla begins new chapter on sanctuary island

Orangutan Dilla arrived at the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre after a traumatic time in captivity. Therefore, she was unable to learn all necessary survival skills and take care of her daughter Delilah. Luckily, both orangutans have now begun a new chapter of their lives. While all orangutans at the […]

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Orangutans moved to sanctuary island

A good start to 2021: Three orangutans moved to sanctuary island

Some orangutans at the rehabilitation centres will unfortunately never be able to learn the necessary skills to survive in the wild. Therefore, it is a joy when these so-called unreleasables can move to forested islands specially adapted to their needs. Orangutans Dilla, Mawas and Jeliva have had a fantastic start […]

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survival skills

10 important survival skills orangutans need to learn

For orangutans to be able to survive in the wild it is necessary to learn a special set of survival skills. The babies learn these skills from their mother – or, if they are in Forest School, from the caretakers. Climbing, nest building and finding the right kind of food. […]

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satellite data

Satellite data to help fight forest fires in Borneo

Firefighting efforts are a major challenge in Borneo’s rainforests, where forest fires occur every year. Save the Orangutan is now, in collaboration with DHI GRAS, using satellite data to identify fire risks in vulnerable areas. Every year during the dry season, forest fires rage in the tropical rainforests in Borneo, […]

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The first known case of COVID-19 among great apes

The first known case of COVID-19 among great apes confirmed

On Monday it was confirmed that up to eight gorillas at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park have contracted the coronavirus. Save the Orangutan is following the development closely. Ever since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, experts and NGO’s have expressed concern about the risk of the corona virus […]

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Released orangutan Signe has given birth to baby

Released orangutan Signe has given birth to baby in the wild

Earlier this month, the Post-Release Monitoring (PRM) team made an important discovery: The released orangutang Signe had given birth to a baby! Earlier in November, the Post-Release Monitoring (PRM) team in the Kehje Sewen Forest was preparing for a day of patrolling and observing orangutans in the forest. They keep […]

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Meet Nyaru Menteng’s two new residents: Jeni and Alexander

During late summer, the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre received two new infant orangutans. Both of the infants had lost their mothers and therefore became a part of the rehabilitation program. Two baby orangutans were earlier this year rescued by the Central Kalimantan Natural Resources Conservation Agency’s (BKSDA) wildlife rescue team […]

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